What does «Professional raw materials supply» mean?

A lot of companies can supply you with chemical raw materials. But only few of them can do it professionally. As per our opinion professional distribution services mean:

 Individual approach

Once we became partners you can discuss all the issues with an Expert from our company - your Personal Manager. All the ChemPartners employees are professional managers who fluently speak foreign languages and have higher business education. They are always focused on finding the best solution. It means that you do not need searching for an accountant, a logistics officer or the Director to solve whatever arising problems. Your Personal Managers will do their best to satisfy your interests and fulfill all the obligations.

Friendly Interface

Business communication is a multitask process that takes in documents flow, daily negotiations, coordination of numerous issues related to lead-time, packing, payments etc. Whatever procedure we take it may go easy and convenient or unclear and complicated. As soon as we start cooperating we try to simplify and optimize all business procedures. For you it means convenience, predictability, time saving and at last but not at least - simply pleasant relationship.


When we take obligations to supply you in certain time with high quality raw materials we understand that the failure to meet these obligations can cause problems for your production or customers. Therefore we are fully responsible for the promises we make and are truly capable to compensate losses caused by our mistakes. These can be an additional delivery of raw materials instead of defective ones, granting credit in payment in case of delay in delivery or discount in case of spoiled packing etc. But we would like to note that such cases are really rare, because we accurately choose the suppliers, carriers and always check thoroughly quality of goods.


The markets we operate on are highly competitive and force us to develop diverse terms aiming to meet your individual requirements including special packing, combined shipments, interim warehouses, flexible terms of payment, customer tailored shipment schedules etc. For you it means you don’t have to rebuilt your supply chain system or review financial principles if you start to work with ChemPartners.


Complete transparency of our business for the customer is one of our fundamental business principles. We believe that business partners should be trusted, so there is nothing to disguise or to conceal. Some examples of how we employ these principles are our “Price Breakdown” where a customer may see and understand our real costs calculation before discussing price of the contract; there is also Delivery Status Reports sent to a client on weekly basis which gives detailed information about actual whereabouts and status of each cargo (similar to Shipment Tracing in express delivery companies).


If you are a customer we try to find out whether we can offer you something more than simply raw materials supply. For example, it can be joint marketing of your products. Such a case can be a reason for granting you deferment of payment, to increase quantities of delivered raw materials and simply to make cooperation more effective for both parties.