Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride (chemical formula CaCl2) is the ionic compound of calcium and chlorine. It is a salt that behaves as a typical ionic halide, being solid at room temperature and highly soluble in water. Common applications include brine for refrigeration plants, ice and dust control on roads, and desiccation. 

In the oil industry, Calcium Chloride is used in establishing and maintaining oil and gas wells. It helps well fluids gain needed consistency, increases density and stabilizes shale formations. As a completion fluid it seals well casings and displaces drilling mud. In short, Calcium Chloride is used in several applications for new or existing wells to improve efficiency and production. Calcium Chloride Prills are used in gas and oil drilling. It helps keep gases from forming and helps sludge from getting out of hand.

Calcium Chloride is used in drilling mud to cool and lubricate the bit and to remove cuttings from the hole. Calcium Chloride helps add density to the mud to overcome formation pressures and keep oil, gas, and water in place. Calcium Chloride inhibits clay and shale hydration, adds needed weight to overcome formation pressure, aids in carrying cuttings to the surface, and is easily diluted from more concentrated solution.

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