How to make your business green? Make environmental education a part of Your corporate culture.
For quite a long time ChemPartners and EcoTechnologies offices enjoy smart waste-management: containers for the separate waste collection, batteries and caps collection points. We always apply to @ecotechnologies team for the latest Eco-news.
For a whole month of August EcoTechnologies team was sharing best practices of how to create simple eco-habits with ChemPartners team.
The marathon program included lecture topics that are especially popular:
• We destroy ecological myths
• We separate waste correctly
• Life hacks for sustainable living
• Sustainable fashion
• Decluttering
• Greenwashing

EcoTechnologies offers a variety of green business services and helps companies achieve their sustainable development goals.
More details in the @ecotechnologies account and on the company's website https://ecotechnologies.ru/

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