Since its creation ChemPartners has been one of the most rapidly growing private business in Russia.

Today ChemPartners is a professional chemicals distributor:

  • Over 1000 customers
  • Over 400 products
  • 24 rented and own warehouses in Russia
  • Monthly turnover of 10 000 metric tonnes
  • A score of own tank containers and couplers
  • Thousands millions of Roubles of taxes and duties annually paid to the budget
  • Over 150 employees in Russia (more than 180 in all four countries)

During 17 years of existence ChemPartners significantly expanded geography of its activity. Initially, the main direction was import from China to Russia; as of today the procurement is carried out from more than 20 countries and the products are sold in over 10 countries.

In total, ChemPartners’ agents and representatives are located in 19 countries.

A big number of chemicals in the history of a new Russia was first imported by ChemPartners: anhydrous ethanedioic acid, chloroacetic acid, polypropylene from Turkmenistan and a score of other products.

ChemPartners, being the largest freight forwarder, uses all means of transport as well as import and export channels from Russia: the Baltic, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, terrestrial channels across Finland, China and Mongolia, Far-Eastern ports.

ChemPartners’ employees are welcomed reporters in a vast range of industrial conferences: we made tens of reports at CREON-Inventra conferences, scientific conferences on modern problems of foreign trade activity management and so on.

Annually, ChemPartners are on display as exhibitors on more than 15 expos in Russia, USA, China and India. We took part more than 10 times in some of the main industrial events such as Interlakokraska, Chemistry and others.

11 banking, 4 factor, 2 leasing, 4 insurance and over 50 logistics, brokerage and transport companies carry out servicing of our Company within Russia; none of the above mentioned partners can call to witness any default on our commitments.

As of today, ChemPartners are standing as a large taxpayer and are included in a “green sector” of the Federal Customs Service as par excellence, responsible and active participant of foreign economic activities.

ChemPartners are oficcially in the list of the world's largest distributors of chemical raw materiaals according to ICIS (the world's largest analytical agency on the chemical market) in 2018. According to the statistics collected, we were ranked by sales at 79th place in the world and at the 38th place in Europe. 

During seventeen years of existence in Russia, it was only two times when ChemPartners’ structures appeared as civil defendants to commercial and state organizations, notably both these cases simply were protocolary neccesities.

Constantly mastering itself as a an employer, ChemPartners Company carries out a directed search for the best foreign economic activities major students of a leading Russian higher education institutions and takes part in “Talents parades” and  “Career days” in The State University of Management, The Russian Academy for Foreign Trade,  Higher School of Economics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on a constant basis.

Our Company participates in a charity support, takes part in financing of construction of churches, procurement of various equipment for orphanages and the orthodox encampment.